This Is How I Yoga

I know, I know… There haven’t been any new yoga videos for a while and I’m sorry for keeping you hanging.

Right now, it’s a lot happening in my life – inside and outside 😉 . I’m currently in my yoga teacher training and since the last module, the topic of FREEDOM is on the menu for me personally. I’m coming more and more into contact with my most inner core, the truest form of ME. And it is such a beautiful journey!

This small video is showing my asana practice nowadays. It is a strange feeling to show this to the world since it is showing ME in my truest state. It is sad that we usually put on masks or are too shy to show, who we truly are out of fear of rejection. That’s why I have posted this video!

Feel inspired, light and motivated to simply dig into your core and discover, who you are and who you want to be… 🙂


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