Yoga for Core (Aikido-Special: Building Hara)

Hey guys! Finally I have managed to make a new video after the holiday season, sorry for keeping you waiting! It's again a video more inspired by my passion of Aikido. In many martial arts you will hear the term "center of the body" (or "hara" in japanese). It's not only an energetical or spiritual... Continue Reading →

Yoga For Shoulders (Aikido-special: Buki-waza release)

Hey everyone! This yoga video is more focused on an Aikido-related topic: Buki-waza or weapon's training. In Aikido the wooden stick (Jo) and wooden sword (Bokken) are tools to correctly educate ourselves concerning posture, precision and to understand the origin and sense of the weaponless techniques. By that, the upper body, e.g. shoulders, arms and... Continue Reading →

Yoga Video: Gentle Yoga (GER)

Namaste! 🙂 Today I am publishing a new video with simple yoga poses to get down, relax and just move gently. Just ideal, when you don't feel at full power or just need a rest. This video is in German language since some of my students, who are following my classes in Fürth, asked me... Continue Reading →

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