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Hello my fellow readers!

The topic of “freedom” has been taking my attention more often and more urgently recently. It has started already a couple of months ago with me being on this huge and adventurous journey of self-discovery, then – of course – even more loudly during my yoga teacher training now. During this time, I came to realise how I am making myself small by using the pretence of millions of reasons and conditions. And finally, yesterday I heard a discussion about freedom on the radio, which was then the last drop to make me understand that it is time to write about that topic 🙂

The first question on the radio show was, what “freedom” means to people. The answers were various:

               being unbound to do whatever one wants

not having to worry about money/future/school/….

not having any responsibilities               traveling the world

having fun

So, when in life do we have that? Honestly, when are the circumstances in our life really continuously how we would like them? Exactly! Usually not so often. So what? No freedom or just temporarily?

As you can imagine, I was not really satisfied with that answer, so I was reflecting upon it a bit longer. What caught my attention was one thing, which all these statement have in common: They are bound to a condition. “How?”, you might ask?

All of them are connected to their outer circumstances:

When not having to worry about money is your key into liberty, it means that you only will live truly freely when swimming in money.

When having fun is your answer to feeling free, your life would need to include only beautiful and entertaining things in order to feel that. Which means, in the moment you DON’T feel “fun” you will not feel free.

When having no responsibilities is the ticket to pure freedom, then having to take care of something or someone – even if it is just small things like shopping for food (since you have to eat something! 😉 ) – will make you fell “un-free”.

I could continue to dissect EVERY statement about when to feel free because, as mentioned above, they are connected to conditions. So, if all of that is bound to a condition, how free can you truly get? Aren’t you enslaving yourself AGAIN by binding freedom to this circumstance or that context?

What about shaking up your perspective and not looking for the freedom outside of you but on the inside? Feeling free no matter, what is going on outside of you? The moment we understand that all emotions, we enjoy so much (freedom, love, happiness, bliss,…) can have their origin inside of us (and by that become UNconditional!), is the moment, we will get truly, purely and completely free, loving, happy, etc…

But of course you will tell me now that there are times were we simply feel angry or down, so what about that? Just ignore it and “force” us to freedom? Of course everything that includes forcing, is nothing I would mention in the same breath as the word “freedom” 😉

Surely, you are right, and I would definitely not encourage that. But there is a nice way to get out of that treadmill on the long run.

The emotional guidance scale

There are millions of versions of this pictogram but essentially it is a perfect tool to help you get ultimately into the state of freedom from inside of you. 🙂

Emotional guidance scale by Abraham Hicks (

On this scale you can find all emotions listed according to their positivity or negativity. It demonstrates nicely all steps in between “shame/apathy” and “freedom/joy” (and there are many in between!). So what most people try, is to jump from a low emotion to a high vibrating one. Imagine it like jumping from the valley to the peak on the mountain… Not possible!

So what you gradually start doing is that you detect where you are standing right now (which is completely perfect because you would not be there if you should not be!) and then you see how it would be to get into the next higher emotion.


Let’s say you feel depressed for a long time, then what about spicing things up a bit and start to get angry? Yes, you read correctly! Get angry about your situation, about people or whatever because it will make you feel already lighter and more active then the state of low depression. From a constant state of anger it is not so far as to get to frustration or even boredom, since maybe you will see that you cannot change anything in your situation. And so on… So what you basically do is, NOT SKIPPING and by that suppressing emotions, but slowly hike up that mountain. Over time you will realise that the progress is actually happening by itself (or yourself?) and that bit by bit you will feel better, lighter and more joyous no matter what is happening around you. You encourage more and more positive thoughts into yourself and by that more and more positive things into your life.

And that, in the end, is really the key: Happiness, Joy, Love flowing from inside of you, effortlessly, abundantly and the most important thing, unconditionally. You will feel better and your surrounding will have less and less influence on your well-being, since it’s YOU giving yourself these amazing treats to yourself. ❤

So, ask yourself now:

Where am I on the scale and how truly free can I become…? 😉



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