7-Day YOGA & CHAKRA Program

Namaste my fellow Yogis! ❤ Today I am extremely proud to present to you a secret project of mine... I have always wanted to make some kind of yoga challenge or program. And now I have finally accomplished that! Starting March 1st, I will share with you my personal 7-Day Yoga & Chakra Program! As the... Continue Reading →

Meditation: Let Go (GER)

Hi there! Today I m publishing a guided meditation in German (sorry non-German people, no offense! 😦 ). It is about freeing yourself of negative or burdening emotions and thoughts. We use the technique of visualisation, which can be a strong tool when working with the mind. I am also preparing a blog post about... Continue Reading →

Yoga For Shoulders (Aikido-special: Buki-waza release)

Hey everyone! This yoga video is more focused on an Aikido-related topic: Buki-waza or weapon's training. In Aikido the wooden stick (Jo) and wooden sword (Bokken) are tools to correctly educate ourselves concerning posture, precision and to understand the origin and sense of the weaponless techniques. By that, the upper body, e.g. shoulders, arms and... Continue Reading →

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