The Tower

Do you know these phases in your life when just simply everything is against you? You seem to get nowhere, there are fights and discussion at work, at home and with friends. A huge bill comes in or even worse a car accident. And then all your plans are no longer valid anymore. It seems like everything you tackle is just another failure.

What if I told you that maybe it’s there for a reason leading all up to this?

The Tower Card

“unforeseen catastrophe, disruption of ones lifestyle or way of thinking, things falling apart”

There is a nice picture to describe such a phase in our life: it’s the Tower card from classical Tarot. Up above you see the definition of it and in the header there is the picture: a burning tower struck by lightning, crumbling apart. In every Tarot reading the Tower is usually a dreaded card, no one wants to have. As the definition says it can be read as massive changes, which may be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

We know the phrase that “things happen for a reason”. I guess it is the same connected to these “Tower-moments”, which we experience from time to time, when things in our life fall apart. A job loss, an accident, a break-up or maybe even a natural disaster. Always when something breaks apart it is a painful experience. But what if I told you that maybe it is not a “breaking-apart” but a “breaking-open”?

Like the seed cracking open when the time is ripe, some “catastrophes” are that crack in the nutshell for something to come into the light and grow.

What if the Tower is simply crumbling because it was a built-up of stuck energy, which wants to flow?

Everything around us is made of energy and in times, when everything is flowing effortlessly and we completely feel balanced and centred, it’s usually because we act out of our deeper consciousness, which is guiding us (intuition, higher-self, God, gut-feeling, however you want to label it). But when we get out of our inner centre and do things just because we “think” it’s good for us, or others make us believe it’s necessary, energy starts to get stuck in us. A bit of obstacle is no problem. But let it accumulate and build up…

  • a wrong self-image because of missing self-love
  • making yourself dependent on other people’s opinion
  • attaching to beliefs “I should, I have to, But other people do…”

Raise your hand if you have ever done something with a bad feeling and afterwards it was exactly that: a bad choice? How many times did you have an urge or impulse but you were too afraid to just simply do it because of what others might say?

It’s all of these small suppressed impulses of energy, which would normally help us to grow, which start to get stuck inside us and slowly step by step we build our own Tower of Babel, until … it collapses! The energy finds its way and like a dam breaking, it flows over, sweeping away all obstacles and all unnecessary things. Yes – it is a very painful and devastating process. And the longer we’ve resisted this process and the longer we’ve built up our Tower, the more immense the flood will be.  But what remains in the end?

A cleared out space, no more stiffness and feeling of being stuck. We are exhausted, shaken and maybe even a bit unsure but the ground before is emptied space to build anew. And this time we get the chance to build in connection and collaboration with our inner guidance. Let all these “unforeseen” catastrophes not wear you down but be grateful for them for life is clearing out things, which don’t serve you anymore because you have outgrown them. Like a snake shedding it’s skin, it’s a natural process, which in the end makes you feel grown and cleared.

The moment the Tower is crumbling it cannot be stopped. Don’t resist and instead simply ask yourself: “What wants to be born out of that?”

So yes – we all have these phases in life, when simply all what we are used to is crumbling apart and nothing makes sense. But now try to celebrate it even, since it is a sign of growing, of evolution and of making space for even greater things to come.


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