Climbing Mountains

As I have mentioned already several times on my blog, I am practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido since 2007. Two weeks ago, I took the exam for my next graduation – the 2nd Dan. I was preparing myself since 2018 and most intensively for the last half of year. It is, of course, very demanding to climb that mountain, since the physical effort was immense, spending 4-6h per week just preparing for that and additionally monthly weekend seminars. Summing it up, my Sensei came to the glorious number of over 50 days spent practicing Aikido in 2018 (And I’m proud of that like hell! ๐Ÿ˜€ )! As you can probably imagine, all of that was a very enduring experience similar to running a marathon. So many times I was struggling with my decision to do it, so many times I was standing in my own way by listening to my inner critic telling me that “I am not good enough”. Especially in the last 3 months I was starting to doubt that I will ever make it and that I will be able to continue enduring. From the outside it might have not looked like that but my inside was a raging thunder storm…

If you can relate to my situation somehow because of some huge mountain in front of you to climb, continue reading to let yourself be inspired on how to actually get on the top. It could be anything in your life right now: a change in job, a dream you are pursuing, finalising your graduation or just getting order into your life!

My post will definitely not lessen the work you have to do but maybe you will find the right motivation and mind-set to continue on your personal exam you are taking right now!

So, what kept me actually going? First of all, I set a clear intention in my mind: ” I will pass the exam for my 2nd Dan excellently”.

It can be already intimidating to even set an intention because we don’t trust into our own power… We are too shy to even TRY to think of it. Stop being shy and fearful, right now!

  • Get into yourself and really listen. Listen deeply what your heart or gut-feeling say to your intention!
  • Be brave to simply let it become part of you!
  • Don’t be afraid to take a wrong direction in your endeavour because your gut-feeling is absolutely NEVER wrong!
  • The moment you decide upon it, everything, which is necessary, will be provided and come to you, but YOU have to be certain and absolutely determined.

It was possible for me to overcome exhaustion, to overcome the thoughts of giving up because there was a small voice inside me telling me that ” I can do it” and that “it is possible”. Looking back, I have realised that this voice, which was guiding me and giving me the strength to overcome the obstacle ahead, was there because I did not merely believe in the positive outcome but moreover I pictured myself having ALREADY ACHIEVED, what I had wanted. And that,ย folks, is the key to accessing a limitless power and drive inside yourself!

Everyone has it but most people are too shy or maybe afraid to access or “believe” in it. For me, it was obvious because I imagined myself already doing it. Feeling how it will be AFTER I have achieved my goal and passed the exam. In the moments of my deepest downs, when I simply could not get myself motivated to get out to the training session, I tapped into that inner picture I had created myself. And by that, I was uplifting my spirit finding the motivation, inspiration and positive energy to simply continue without overthinking. Because there is no reason to overthink something, which has already happened, you see? ๐Ÿ™‚

Our brain is a very interesting thing. It is able to solve the most complex tasks in order to keep us alive. But… it has one loophole we can use to our advantage: it cannot discern between fact and thought. Every picture we put in our mind and which we imagine with our miraculous brain, will be processed as given reality. Which means you can use this power for yourself – always!

But caution! The same goes for negative images. Self-doubts, self-hate, inner criticism or a distorted body image are processed the same way as positive thoughts and images! That’s why you have to be careful and very mindful of negative self-talk.


So, sit down now and imagine your goal. Imagine, how it will feel when you get there, HOW you actually get there and how it will look like when it is already done. Picture it clearly and even brighten the colours more. You KNOW it is possible because you have ALREADY DONE it!

Every time when you’ll get to the point of self-doubt and overthinking, think of that picture. Write it on a piece of paper and post it to your fridge, remind yourself in your daily-life about it. And step by step it will become reality because your subconscious mind will help you with your decision-making and give you the drive to achieve exactly that picture in your head! There is no magic or big mumbo-jumbo behind it. It is so simple and accessible to everyone. This power, this drive and energy we have is not exclusive, we are usually just afraid to use it for our greater good. It is yours, no one can take it from you and also no one can do it for you!

Be brave, get your arse down and imagine your mountain and how you are already standing on the top! Of course, you will still have to make that steep climb but at least now you’ll know that it is possible for you… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what are your dreams? What are your mountains you are climbing right now? I would be honoured if you share them in the comments below!

Lots of love,


PS: For a bit of more help in visualisation I recommend my guided meditation about manifesting your future, which you can findย here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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