7-Day YOGA & CHAKRA Program

Namaste my fellow Yogis! ❤

Today I am extremely proud to present to you a secret project of mine… I have always wanted to make some kind of yoga challenge or program. And now I have finally accomplished that!

Starting March 1st, I will share with you my personal 7-Day Yoga & Chakra Program! As the title already implicates, it consists of 7 sessions focusing on a different body-part and chakra on each day. For all of you, who have no clue what I am talking about:

In the philosophy of yoga (and also in several different other Asian philosophies) the human body does not only consist of the physical tissues like muscles, tendons, bones, organs, etc.. but also of different energy centers, called chakras (Sanskrit, चक्र, cakra; “wheel, spinning, circle”). The different body parts are linked to different chakras, as well as different emotional states. So by influencing these parts, we can influence our energy levels and by that also our mental state, well-being and so on. If you are a bit concerned about the idea of energies, don’t worry! You can also just practice this set and work with the different body parts and you will still benefit a lot from it! Stay open-minded and just try it. If it doesn’t serve you, leave it be 🙂

I would be so happy, if you could share this to as many people as possible, so that they subscribe in order to get their daily dose of nice and happy-flowing yoga for one week!

Thanks a lot, enjoy and share!


PS: All of this would not have been possible with the extraordinary help of my great supporter Julia, who sacrificed her hallway and time in order to film the program with me. Thank you! ❤

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