Yoga for Core (Aikido-Special: Building Hara)

Hey guys!

Finally I have managed to make a new video after the holiday season, sorry for keeping you waiting! It’s again a video more inspired by my passion of Aikido. In many martial arts you will hear the term “center of the body” (or “hara” in japanese). It’s not only an energetical or spiritual concept but also the anatomical center of your body, which you can find a few inches below your navel. This region is often called “the core”. And that’s what the video is good for; even when you don’t practice Aikido of course! 🙂

With a strong core we have a good foundation for a healthy posture, we protect our inner organs and on the mental side of the spectrum we are also more strong-willed and resolute. Enjoy and comment!


PS: This video is with an off-voice, since I really could not manage to speak and practice simultaneously, haha! 😀

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