Inari… – what?!

Hello world! 🙂

So with a big drum roll I present to you my very first blog post on Inari Yoga! I have actually never thought that I will really realise this idea. That’s why I am extremely thankful for all people nudging me into doing it by giving me their honest opinion and support. So if you are one of them, feel hugged! ❤

This blog is – as the title implies – of course mainly about yoga. I would like to share my own videos with you in the future. But that’s not all! As you will find out sooner or later, yoga is not only working with the body (asana). The ancient path of Yoga includes a whole set of tools for us to get a healthy body and mind balance and by that eventually a more centred and grounded way of living. But just reading about it will change nothing, I guess the best way to find out, is to try yourself… 😉

Since I don’t know, where this journey will lead me and I am not doing it with any goal in mind, I don’t want to set any schedule for my postings and videos. We will just see how this will develop and how often you will hear from me, so thank you for your understanding in advance!

So… Let’s see how it will go and enjoy the possibilities of future! 🙂

Read you soon!



2 thoughts on “Inari… – what?!

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  1. Was für ein schöner, gelungener Start! Ich freue mich, dich auf dieser Reise zu begleiten, und bin gespannt, was als nächstes kommt. 😊

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